Yanmar Dtorque engine



Dtorque turbo diesel outboard engine


The Neander Dtorque turbo diesel outboard engine sets a new benchmark in diesel engineering. The 804 ccm twin-cylinder aluminum powerhead delivers 50 hp at the propeller shaft. With a remarkable torque output, peaking at 111 Nm at 2,500 rpm, the Dtorque's performance surpasses even the leading 70 hp fuel injected, four-stroke gasoline outboards. It offers exceptional capability when powering heavy loads at low rpm, as well as enabling the boat to get on plane quickly. This can be achieved, with excellent fuel efficiency, averaging less than 12 litres per hour at wide open throttle.


Is the Dtorque right for you?


The Dtorque is the ideal choice if you operate or manage:

– work boats

  • – safety/rescue boats
  • – fishing boats
  • – governmental and port authority vessels
  • – passenger boats
  • – superyacht tenders


Dtorque Video

Learn all about how this revolutionary diesel engine works!



Why choose Dtorque?

  • 1. Increased Safety

    Diesel is less flammable than gasoline, making the Dtorque the safer choice for potentially hazardous environments. With fewer fire safety precautions and regulations, the Dtorque also exceeds EU RDC Stage II emissions regulations and is SOLAS (MOB) certified.

  • 2. Low Noise and Vibration

    The Dtorque has a two-cylinder, common rail, turbo-charged diesel engine that uses a unique system of dual counter-rotating crankshafts in an aluminum block. This technology, with its patented 'Spaceball' design, helps reduce vibrations and noise.

  • 3. High Performance/Low RPM

    For a burst of speed, the Dtorque delivers a creditable 50 hp, but its torque is the most important factor in a working environment. The Dtorque’s mighty 111 Nm at 2,000-3,000 rpm will get your boat quickly on plane and provide all the muscle you need when fully loaded.